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5 Best Offline Games for Android Similar to Pubg

There are many fighting and shooting games like PUBG Mobile but it is offline games that players all over the world enjoy, the main goal of these games is to survive until the end, this feeling in the games industry also offers a variety of weapons that can be used to kill enemies.

There are many fighting and shooting games like PUBG MOBILE available on the Google Play Store, and the best of them are mentioned in this article.

Best offline games like PUBG for Android

These are some of the best of these games that you can try on your phone:

1.     Cover Fire: free shooting games

If you are looking for an offline shooting game then this one should be on your phone, then in Cover Fire you will be responsible for directing your team to defeat the terrorists.

This game – just like PUBG Mobile – offers various weapons that you can use to defend yourself from terrorists, as well as to kill them, the story of the game is also great, attractive and interesting.

2.     Swag Shooter – Online & Offline Battle Royale Game

As the name suggests Swag Shooter is a battle royale game like PUBG that will take up less than 200MB space on your mobile phone, this game has a 4-star rating on the Play Store.

The gameplay is similar to any other fighting game, where your ultimate goal will be to survive to the end, along with guns and weapons, you can also search for scopes that will improve your aim when shooting at enemies.

3.     Free Survival: Fire Battleground

This great game has the advantage of not needing any internet connection, and it is very similar to PUBG Mobile, Free Survival also offers realistic weapons such as guns and machine guns that players can use to overthrow enemies.

So, give your best to be the last person to stand up in this amazing action-packed game, the best part about this game is that its download size is only 120MB.


ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL will surround you in a world full of zombies that you need to kill, this is a survival game like PUBG Mobile and it is an off-line game, and even if it is not a Battle Royale game, you can try it if you like shooting zombies.

Remember to build a strong base so you can drive out the undead. Tactics aren’t hard to figure out, and the game will offer you close to 50 guns to help achieve your goal.

5.     ScarFall: The Royale Combat

This game is an excellent choice if you want to choose an action-packed Battle Royale show. ScarFall is also a multiplayer shooting game like PUBG Mobile, and the gameplay is very similar, but it’s offline.

A good feature of this game is that it is compatible with both high- and low-quality devices, and it also has a bunch of different types of weapons that you can use to kill enemies.

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