How Can You Increase The Number Of Downloads Of Your Mobile Application?

Congratulations, you have already developed an app for iOS devices or an Android app, and it’s now been two days since publishing your app on the app store, and you are updating the page every moment to see an increase in the number of downloads for your app. Unfortunately, your app has not yet exceeded 100 downloads, so you re-post your app to your social accounts and annoy your friends with messages.

The number of your mobile app downloads depends on a lot of factors, and surely what you do will not increase the number of downloads very well, so what do you make to increase the number of downloads for your app?

1. Provide a clear and accurate description of your application

Before you click on the Publish button in the store, first write a precise description of your application explaining the function of the application, its idea and the most important features that it contains, this description will help users to get acquainted with your application and will increase the order of the application in the store thus increasing the number of downloads of your application.

2. Select the application language

Determining the application language is one of the initial decisions that must be determined in the development stage, and according to the category in which the application is targeted. For example, if you target non-English speakers, you must provide the application in the language of this category, but it is useful to provide the application in English mostly because of the spread of the language in the world besides the local language.

Same thing when publishing the app, you will have to provide the app description in the language of your target audience. And you can use the translation services via fives to translate the description, or some application files into the languages ​​you want. Do not rely on machine translations as they may be strange and alienate the user from downloading your app.

3. Use keywords

One of the things that increase the number of your application downloads is the use of the most important keywords in the description and inside the application files, but in a natural way and without spam. For example, if your app is a fun and entertaining camera effects app, then Words Like Camera, Fun and Interesting, will attract the user the most.

4. Explain the permissions for your app

One of the things that may cause some users not to download an application is the permission, as some may suspect some of the permissions. Why might your application need it and it appears that it has nothing to do with the functionality of the application? Case in point, if your app is just to add some effects and filters to the camera why does it need internet connection permission? The reasons for such permissions need to be explained in the description.

5. Add a promotional video

Google Play allows you to attach a promotional video for the application or game explaining the idea of ​​the application and its features in an easy, simple and fast way. Within a minute or two, the user will understand what your app is. Also, do not forget that you may need a written translation of the video if you target more than one language in your application, and you can use the same video to promote it in social networks, or the advertising campaigns that you do to market the application.

6. Advertising solutions

One of the advertising solutions to increase the number of your application downloads are “cost per load” (CPI) campaigns. This means that you will create an ad campaign on an ad network through which you can find affiliate marketers marketing your application and you will only pay if the user downloads your application from the store, It is a process that is regulated and provided by the advertising network.

Another advertising solution is the advertisement of the mobile application in sites that attract a large number of users and that have interest in the same field of application. If your application is a mobile game, then the best sites to advertise on are the sites of interest that attract those interested in mobile games.

7. Pay attention to app design and user experience (UI-UX)

Initially, you will have to prepare some high-quality icons, a store cover image, and some other images that you can use while marketing the app. But there are a lot of developers who do not care to design a good cover image on Google Play, even though it may damage the user and reflect the professionalism of the application.

The most important thing is the design of the application itself and attention to a unique and distinct user experience, and the term user experience may be strange to business owners or marketers, but it is simply some of the techniques and strategies that make it easier for the user to use the application without thinking about every step or action.

8. Show the application during use

One of the things that also attract any user to download mobile applications is seeing the application during use, and you can show this through the promotional video that we talked about earlier, but it will not dispense with some screenshots while using the application, for use in the store or during marketing for it.

9. Try offers for free apps and games

If your app is paid, one of the things that can help increase the number of downloads for your app is to offer it for a limited time for free, in order to get a number of reviews and increase the number of downloads well. These offers are primarily intended for marketing as they allow users to quickly download the application before the specified period expires, which increases the number of downloads.

10. Contact specialized sites to evaluate your application

Content marketing is one of the popular technologies now through which you can reach a large number of users, all you have to do is communicate with them and provide them with exclusive information and news about your application or game, application reviews sites will provide good information about the application that will help the user make his decision to download the application, it will also put you in a special place among competing apps or games.

Technical sites like to be unique with exclusive information and news for everything related to mobile applications and games, so try to make it a win-win situation for both parties. On the one hand, your application will be covered by news and they will get exclusive coverage of the application or game.

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