Telegram Or WhatsApp? What Is The Difference?

Recently, many methods and applications of instant messaging have spread among individuals, as the options for smart device users have become wide-ranging, and the freedom to choose and move from one application to another in messaging with others has increased, but the challenge and fierce competition have brought Telegram and WhatsApp into the arena. So, each of these two applications is striving to gain the trust of the user, but it is necessary to know what the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp is before proceeding to choose one of them, and this is what will be explained in this article.


Telegram, before going into the heart of the matter, looking for the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp; It must be known that Telegram is a free messaging application that is characterized by a high degree of safety and speed, and it provides a service for its users to chat with others and share their contents, whether individually or collectively, and it allows the user to keep backup copies of his conversations in the Telegram cloud, and it has the advantage of supporting Mobile and desktop devices, etc.


WhatsApp, a free messaging application that can be downloaded on all types of smart devices, is an easy way of communication between individuals through voice or video calling, or the exchange of images, audio and text clips. It is unique in not imposing any fees on it. The services are provided for free, regardless of their type, and it must be noted that recently versions of the application have been developed that support desktop computers under the name WhatsApp Web, and the latter can also be downloaded to smartphones that support Windows 8+.

The difference between Telegram and WhatsApp

Although Telegram and WhatsApp are free messaging apps, there must be some differences between them, and the following are the most important points that explain the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp, namely:

  • WhatsApp is older than Telegram, as the latter was launched in 2013, while WhatsApp was launched in 2009.
  • The difference between Telegram and WhatsApp in terms of the operating systems they support, lies in the fact that Telegram is unable to support the Blackberry operating system that WhatsApp supports in turn.
  • The size of the files sent between the two applications varies significantly, as a file size of 1.5 GB can be sent via the Telegram application, but the file size in WhatsApp does not exceed 160 MB.
  • WhatsApp offers a set of limited features, including the ability to maintain backup copies, make video and audio calls, coordinate lines, and others, while Telegram offers more comprehensive and useful services, including maintaining and synchronizing data with ease, and maintaining the confidentiality of data by automatically deleting them.
  • Telegram takes precedence over WhatsApp that it is possible to log in to the Telegram account on more than one device, while WhatsApp lacks this feature, as it prevents the latter from entering the WhatsApp account in the event that its session continues on another device, while Telegram provides an accurate report to the user About devices and active sessions after allowing work with more than one device.
  • Telegram provides the opportunity to conduct several activities through it, including conducting a poll, for example, but this is not available on WhatsApp.
  • The number of individuals that Telegram allows to add to groups ranges between 1000-3000 users, while WhatsApp groups do not have more than 256 members.
  • WhatsApp offers you the WhatsApp Web program that works on computers and is an alternative to the WhatsApp program on smartphones. Learn how to use WhatsApp Web on a computer, either by downloading and using the WhatsApp Web program or through the WhatsApp Web site, and learn how to scan the WhatsApp Web QR code to obtain authentication on the computer.

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