10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Mobile Apps

Designers and developers of mobile apps always talk about different and varied ways and means to develop mobile application programs, as many are interested in knowing information about creating more interaction and working to increase sales through mobile applications and want to achieve great success in their own field, and for the success of your application you must learn well how Application development as there are many application development books and educational programs, whether on the Internet or in Offline training centers, in order to acquire the best skills that help you to succeed in your application, but one thing remains that must be understood, which is that the learning process will not be completed without understanding common mistakes to avoid when Designing and Developing Mobile Applications Therefore, in this article from, we will address 10 mistakes that you should avoid when developing mobile applications.

1.     Lots of features

Before designing and developing mobile applications, do not use all the features, features and functions that you own, as most of the main smartphones available in the market today have features such as speed measurement, camera, positioning, gyroscope, uber-cool, and others. Also, the mobile application developer must first understand what he wants in the application before doing it and there must be unique and distinctive features of its kind in any way that serves the users and when developing mobile applications if you try to benefit by using all the functions, you will not succeed in any way, so we start from the minimum and test The basic characteristics, where you must test a part of the application before you develop and design the application completely, do not rush so as not to completely re-application if you do not test a part of it, thus wasting time and cost.

2.     Failure to thoroughly test the mobile app before launching it

Mobile application testing is an important element in the iPhone application programming process, as you cannot launch a mobile application that has errors or defects, so it must be tested with precision and skill from specialists and programmers and the cost of the test is within the application programming company contract or before starting the mobile application, and you can also use A mobile app analytics tool like Google Analytics to see how an app is performing.

3.     Copy features from another application

You should not copy the features and characteristics of another application as you find many customers give you an application that has already been done and tell you we want the same with the same features. So, what is the creativity and new that you offer so do the new, copy a feature and add another element to it that was not present from before.

4.     Poor communication with a mobile app programming and design company

Poor communication with the company implementing the application leads to an increase in the cost and delay in launching the application. Therefore, it is preferable that the programming company provides at least every two weeks a report on what has been accomplished and what will be held in the coming period.

5.     Using bad system UX / UI design

The end user experience and the User Interface, i.e., the destination that the user sees, is the heart of any mobile application, as when the user downloads the application, he has the ability to quickly understand how to operate the mobile applications, and in the event that there is difficulty in using the mobile application, he abandons it and removes it and searches for an alternative application for it So the design of the mobile app should be easy to use and describe itself automatically.

6.     Don’t plan to fix bugs after launching the mobile app

Sometimes after launching the mobile application, it has a bug and an error, although a test is done before launching the application, and the customer requests the mobile application development company to fix the error. Therefore, you must make sure that this item is included in the contract within the total cost of the application or has additional fees.

7.     Neglecting a mobile app marketing plan

One of the common mistakes after the launch of the mobile application is the lack of strategic planning to market the design of an Apple application or an iPhone application in advance of its launch, as marketing is one of the most important factors for the success of the application. What is the benefit of making an application that others do not know and do not know? Therefore, you need to create a buzz about the special application on social networking sites and communicating with influencers through social media and forums, you can read the article “Important Tips for Marketing iPhone Applications” so that you can know the correct marketing steps for mobile applications.

8.     Don’t write what the app does in the About section

A short description of what the application does must be written in order for the end user to understand what he will benefit from when downloading it, as clarity and description first help in the success of the application and then help the user to understand and meet his needs easily.

9.     Creating a mobile application that includes all platforms

Mobile application developers do not have to use all the features and functions of all mobile platforms, whether designing an Apple application or programming an iPhone application development, as this increases costs and can lead to adverse consequences and reduce the chances of the application’s success in the market, so you must conduct strategic planning To develop the application early before its creation and choose the platform in which to work, whether it is an Android application, iPhone application programming, or Apple application design, do not rush to design an application that includes all operating systems at the same time.

10. The mobile app will not sell itself

After launching the mobile application in the store, you must go to marketing of all kinds, whether online or offline, and in radio, television and newspapers, there must be a full-fledged marketing plan in order to make it a success and to increase your presence in the market and bring a lot of profits and your application is interesting and useful to users.

Mobile applications have become an important marketing tool for companies, especially after the presence of technology in our lives mainly and necessary, as mobile now represents 65% of all digital media, and when you build mobile applications, it is important to follow a correct approach in designing and developing mobile applications.

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